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Hello Beauties!! Recently I’ve had SO many people ask me about what makeup brushes I use, where I get them, my favorites, how to use them etc., so, I decided I would do a blog post ALL ABOUT MAKEUP BRUSHES!! I’m not going to go TOO much into depth about brushes (that would end up a NOVEL) so lets keep it basic and simple, these are some of my favorites I use the MOST often. There are a MILLION different types of brushes out there, for a MILLION different things, but for just an everyday gal wanting to apply makeup better/quicker/nicer etc., these are great for you!  
A little disclaimer:  The majority of these brushes are from the brand Sigma. I AM a “SigmaPro Partner”, but these opinions are my own honest opinions, they are not paying me to sell their brushes! ;P

So, first let’s start with the FACE:
My ALL TIME FAVORITE foundation brush is the Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki. This brush is so dense and soft it literally makes putting on foundation a BREEZE. It blends so beautifully and effortlessly and gives you that “airbrushed” finish.  It’s flat top makes it easy to buff the product into your skin. I’ve tried so many other foundation brushes, but I just can’t go without this brush! Because this brush is synthetic, you can also use it to blend cream bronzers or blush.

My favorite brush to bronze my face with is the Sigma f20large powder. This brush is so soft and big, that its great for bronzing (not nessesarily contouring) the cheekbones and forehead. You can also use this to apply just a regular powder (hence, the name) but I mostly use it to bronze, its gets the job done so quickly and easily! MAC also has a brush that is pretty much the exact same this as this one and it’s cheaper. (alot of sigma brushes are identical to MAC brushes, fyi ;) )


I have two favorite brushes to apply blush with that I switch back and forth from, the first is MAC’s 129 short handled brush. (caution: it is pricey, it was  a splurge for me) but I LOVE this brush so much.  I only use it to apply blush to the apples of my cheeks, and blend backwards, and it’s great! Its easy to work with because of the short handle.

Next is the Sigma F40 large angled contour. This is great for blush AND contouring. The angle makes it easy to really carve out those cheekbones. And because it is a white haired brush (goat hair) it doesn’t pick up ton of product, so the application of bronzer/blush is softer. So if you tend to go in a little heavy-handed sometimes, this is a great type of brush for you. It also blends very easily.

This next item is “technically” not a brush, but it’s something I have to mention it because I use it everyday. It’s the BeautyBlender. Now, this may look like an ordinary makeup sponge, but it’s oh so much more! I can’t believe I ever lived without this! I don’t know what it is about this sponge, but its AMAZE-BALLS. (yes, I said that ;P) I use it to blend out concealer under my eyes to cover up those dark circles, and it blends it all out in like literally 2 seconds! It’s also amazing to put your foundation on with. You can use it wet or dry, I personally like it wet. It doesn’t absorb a ton of product like a lot of sponges do, which is great because you’re not losing money. Remember, with a sponge, don’t “rub” like with a brush, but “bounce” or “dab” it against your skin. It can be used to blend out any cream product, and basically, I can’t live without this little pink baby.  (PS. sometimes on Amazon you can find a 2-pack for the price of 1)


Now onto EYES:

Depending on the look you’re going for, there are also a ton of eye brushes in the world, so I chose what I feel like are the most universal/essential brushes for creating that dramatic smokey eye, or even a natural every day eye.
First is the sigma E25 blending. Blending is KEY when working with eyeshadow, so this brush is one of two of my favorite brushes to blend with.  Again, this is a white/goat haired brush, so it’s not going to pack on a ton of color, but really help blend out your shadows.  It’s a little on the dense side, so it’s going to give you more control and precise blending and application. We don’t want any harsh lines now do we!?
The next blending brush is the Sigma E40 tapered blending.  This brush is synthetic, so it will pick up a little more shadow. It has a soft and fluffy rounded tip that really makes blending out shadows in your crease easy. Sweeping in back and forth in the crease will really diffuse those shadows and make it look flawless. I use this to really BLEND everything together seamlessly.
The Sigma E55 Eye shading brush is my next fav. Everyone needs a brush that will really pack color onto the eyelid evenly and strongly. You can use eyeshadows, pigments, and glitters with this brush. It’s very dense, so you won’t get a lot of fallout (shadow falling down onto your cheeks).  I cant say enough good things about this brush,  it really is just that awesome. A staple item for sure.
I really like to use a gel eyeliner rather than a pencil or liquid, because it’s so much easier to work with, and my favorite brush to do that with is the Sigma E05 eyeliner. It’s small and very precise, you can do anything from thick to thin to winged eyeliner. It makes is so easy (and that’s what I’m all about you know!) you can use gel or liquid with this brush.
And lastly for the eyes, has to be the Sigma E30 pencil. A lot of people have never used a pencil brush, but it is a must-have for me. It’s a small, pointed, white/goat haired brush that is awesome for blending out shadow/liner on the upper and lower lash line, or used to highlight the inner corner of the eye. It’s also great for any kind of precise detailing you may want to do. 


With all these brushes, you’re guaranteed to be able to create any look! Don’t be afraid to play around with brushes and find what you like.

I also use and love Real Techniques brushes, but I wanted to mainly talk about the ones I use and love the MOST. So check them out! They are all synthetic and great quality and more affordable.

If you read all the way to the end THANKS! And CONGRATS!! I have a coupon code for Enter JAN2014 at checkout for 10% off your entire order for the month of January! I will try and keep this code updated every month, if not email me and i'll give you the updated code!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Spring 2014 Makeup Trend... ORANGE LIPS

At practically every spring 2014 runway show, one makeup trend took the stage: ORANGE LIPS. I LOVE this trend!

Before you laugh and chalk this look up to wild designer craziness, think about this: the right orange lipstick for your skin tone can make your entire face GLOW. Its so fun and youthful!

You just need a few tips and the right product to make it work!

#1 Make sure the orange you choose works for your skin color/tone. If you're pale or have pink undertones, go for oranges that have more coral or red undertones. Orange lipstick will really POP against your skin!

 Warm skin tones and medium complexions can get away with bolder shades or orange that has gold/yellow undertones in them. It will really give your skin warmth. If you have dark skin, your best bet is to stick with oranges that contain a brown or deep-red base.

#2 It's really important to cover skin flaws with a good foundation/concealer because orange lipstick will just accentuate them. Keep eye shadow and eyeliner to a minimum.

#3 Keep your clothes in mind. Black and white, florals, and shades emerald green and sapphire look stunning with orange lips. An orange or red sweater -- maybe not so much. :/

Have you tried the orange lipstick trend? Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try this! You will really stand out (in a good way!) and look FAB! 


Here are some of my favorite ORANGE LIPSTICKS!





Sunday, January 5, 2014

5 tips to healthy, glowing, youthful skin!

After studying human anatomy and physiology in college, I have come to develop a love for the complexity of the human body and its functions, one being the skin. Its serves as protection, being completely water proof and self healing. Our skin goes through so much from day to day. From makeup, to harsh sunlight and pollution in the air. We should really give our skin a little (or a lot!) of TLC every day! I by no means have perfect skin, but here are 5 tips I want to share with you on how you can achieve healthy glowing skin, that I have learned and studied.

1. Wash your face. DUH. We all know we should wash our face, BUT I want to stress the importance of how often we wash our face. EVERY morning and EVERY night. A lot of people make the mistake of not washing their face in the morning and only at night. When we sleep, all of the toxins, sweat, and oils come out of our pores, so we can’t have a good makeup application if we have all that gunk on our face. Then at night its time to take all that gunk off! NEVER sleep with makeup on!! I don’t care how tired you are, just DO it or you’re just asking for a big nasty zit to wake up to!
2. Pour on the protection. This means sunscreen.  In the mornings, Even if it’s the winter time and you hardly go outside, the secret to keeping your skin youthful is to use a moisturizer with broad spectrum (meaning It protects against UV A and UV B) spf of 15-30 or higher. It not only protects against skin cancer, but also aging.  

MarioBadescu Oil free moisturizer spf 30

3. EXFOLIATE. This is so incredibly important in your skin care routine. Exfoliation helps the process of cell renewal, and will dramatically improve skin texture.  And without it, our skin will be congested, dull looking, and unhealthy.  For some DIY facial exfoliators check out this blog HERE

 You do want to be careful though, and not scrub too hard or use something too abrasive, especially if you have sensitive skin. I recommend exfoliating every 2-3 days, although I gently exfoliate every night using my Clarisonic Mia2 (which I will be doing a review on soon! )
here are some great exfoliators I recommend.

Dermalogica Genlte Cream Exfoliant

St. Ives Invigoration Apricot Scrub

4. Moisturize. After washing our face, we should always moisturize. Cleansing can remove essential moisture from skin, especially if you are using a harsh soap. By using a mild cleanser followed by a moisturizer each time you wash, you can help your skin to retain its natural moisture. It can improve tone and texture and maskMore imperfections.  A good moisturizer will create a protective barrier that prevents water from evaporating and drying out your face. I won't go too much into ingredients a good moisturizer should have, but look for vitamins, retinols, alpha hydroxy acids,anti-oxidants, lipids, etc. all of those things are good. Avoid mineral oils, as it is a cheap filler that will clog pores.  
Some of my favs,

dermalogica Intensive moisture repair (intense moisture, good for night time.)
Josie Maran 100% argan oil (also comes in a light version for day time)
Mario badescu caviar night cream – an AWESOME night cream!

5. TONE! Toners and astringents can be used for multiple purposes: moisturizing, calming, refreshing, disinfecting, exfoliating, and treating lots of skin issues. Toners and astringents also ensure the skin’s pH balance while removing excess residue from the skin and can help with cell turnover. Tone morning and night, after you wash your face, and before you moisturize.

Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner

Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner

Sea Breeze Fresh-Clean Astringent Sensitive Skin

These are just a few things we should take the time to be doing in your skin care routine! Doing all these things can keep us healthy and youthful looking and feeling! Thanks for reading!


Friday, January 3, 2014

Best of Beauty 2013

Hey guys! I'm so excited to start this blog! Since we are now going in to a new year, I wanted to start out with a list of a few of my top favorite beauty products of 2013. After painfully having to narrow down my list, these are some of the products I have been loving and using like crazy throughout this past year! So, let's just get right into it!

  • First and foremost, my holy grail makeup item...(Drum roll pleeeeeaase!) MAC Prolongwear Concealer.  I cannot say enough good things about this product. Its a full coverage liquid concealer. My favorite way to use it is to conceal my dark circles under my eyes. I also love to use a few shades lighter than my skin tone to highlight my "under-eye area". It also makes a great eye shadow base, because it has the technology in it to not crease! It literally lasts ALL DAY! Prolongwear till I DIE!! :)
  • The next item I want to talk about, I actually haven't been using for more than 3 months now. But I had to include it because I love it so much. It is the Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil.  This can be used for so many things, but I just use this as my facial moisturizer. I have combonation skin, and my skin just drinks this up! Its very soothing for my dry patches, and yet great for my oily areas too! (I know, using an oil on oily skin??!) By using an oil on oily skin, it kind of tricks your skin into thinking its producing oil, and it actually reduces oiliness! There is also a light version of this that you could try if your a little apprehensive of putting an oil on your face. But my skin feels SO soft and looks so much healthier since I've started using this. I won't ramble on too much more about this, so google the benefits of Argan oil, there are TONS!
                                                                  click here to buy

  • Next, is the Kenra Volume Spray 25  This hairspray will probably FOREVER be my favorite. It holds SO incredibly well, it doesnt leave your hair crispy or crunchy, and it smells amazing! I have tried to branch out and try other hairsprays, but I ALWAYS come back to this one! I love all Kenra Hair Products, but this one has a very special place in my heart ;) you can only find this at professional salons, or there's always amazon ;P

  • My number 4 would have to be the Loreal Revitalift Miracle Blur. I cant rave enough about this. It is a little pricey for a "drug store" product. I use this after my moisturizer and before my makeup (primer) it literally gives the apperance of smooth, even, amazing skin. It fill in my pores (which are huge) smooths my fine lines, and takes away my redness. My makeup goes on alot smoother when I use this. They also make an oil free version (which you know I use!) and I have tried both, but I like that one better.
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  • This next product is my ALL TIME FAVORITE eyeshadow pallette. Lorac Pro Pallette. If you only ever needed one pallette, this would have to be it hands down. It has 8 matte and 8 shimmer eyeshadows, from neutral to colorful shades, you can create ANY look with these shadows. And the quality of these shadows are awesome, they are like butter and blend like a dream! I cant get enough of this, I use it pretty much every single day. Check out swatches of the colors here.

buy here

  • Next is another MAC product. I'm sorry, I couldnt help myself.  Its called Fix+ (plus) I will probably use this until the day I die as well..... It has SO many uses, its crazy. Its a makeup setting/refreshing spray. It has green tea, aloe, vitamin e and all that good stuff in it, so its great for your skin. It calms down redness, it sets your makeup in place so it doesn't move, it provides moisture to your skin, it shrinks your pores, its so refreshing and smells soooo good! It literally a miracle product. You can also spray your brush with this before you use loose or pressed shadows/pigments and it helps them glide onto your lids, giving it that shiny/metallic look. If you apply a little too much powder and are looking a little cakey, just spray this on and it will instantly make your makeup look FLAWLESS. It gives a tiny bit of a dewy finish, but nothing us oily-gals should be afraid of. 

  • If you know me, you know I love bright and dark colored lipsticks, I discovered these babies and Im OBSESSED. I have almost every shade :/ They are the Wet n' Wild megalast lipsticksSome of these have a matte finish, some have more of a soft-matte finish. They last SO long on me! and the best part is, they are only like $2.99!! My favorite shades are, Cherry Bomb, 24 karat, just peachy, sugar plum fairy and think pink. There are so many colors to choose from, depending on what mood I'm in that day! :) LOL.

buy here
  • If you're hair is anything like mine (very thin, dry, brittle) you NEED this next product in your life. It is the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep repair Mask. This is become a staple in my hair care routine. When my hair starts to feel like it really needs some extra love, I put this in my hair for 10-15 minutes, and my hair feels like a million bucks! I really have noticed a HUGE difference in the condition of my hair since i've used this. Its alot smoother, silkier and feels very moisturized. It is an intense treatment, so I only use it once, maybe twice a week. It also it kinda pricey, but sometimes you can find it on amazon for cheaper. 
buy here

  • Who doesn't love a healthy dewy glow to your skin? You can acheive that with a highlighter, and my all time favorite has to be The Balm's Mary-Lou Manizer. Its not too silver-y/, its not too gold, its just the perfect champagne-ish shade for a highlighter! When applied to the tops of your cheekbones or down the bridge of the nose, it looks amazing and gives you that KimK-esque glow! Its not chalky, or glittery, its just so perfect! I love it so much!
  buy here 
And thats a wrap! Of course I could go on forever about products I love, but they will have to wait for future posts! Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you try some of these products sometime! What are some of your favorite things of 2013? Comment below! and stay tuned for more!